We're clothing care professionals

2ULaundry isn't a middleman that hands your garments off to someone else to clean. Your clothing is too important to you and to us. That's why we operate our own cleaning facilities. To make sure we maintain the highest level of quality.


Meet the Bags

Wash, Dry & Fold

Our blue bag just might put your washer & dryer out of a job. All garments to wash, dry and fold go in here.

Dry Clean or Press

Great news! Those days of making trips to the dry cleaners are over. Put garments in the black bag to professionally dry-clean or launder & press.

Quick Start Guide

First steps

Create your FREE account, customize
cleaning preferences, select your bags
and schedule pickup.

Prepare for pickup

Fill your bags and set them outside your
scheduled pickup location by 8am. You’ll
receive a text when they’re picked up.

Receive your bags

Your FREE personal garment bags are hand
delivered the next business day by 6pm.

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We take it from here

Blue timeline


Your garment bags are
picked up and scanned
using our tracking
technology to ensure
quality assurance.


At our cleaning facility, we scan
your garments and mark them as
received. They’re then sorted
and itemized. Special
instructions are automatically
flagged by our system.


2ULaundryPros clean your
garments according to your
preferences. For tracking
purposes, your laundry
always stays together and is
never mixed with others.


The next business day, your
garment bags are scanned into
our system, labeled as clean
and returned to you by 6pm.
You receive a text once they’re
dropped off fresh and clean.

Enter your zip code to see pricing